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Monday, August 5, 2013

Goin' on a Road Trip!

Let's say.
Just to inform you, I won't be home until this Saturday, will go visit granddad for a bit.
But, I will be able to use internet on mobile so, if you need me, you got me on Skype. (For those who don't have me yet, it's right under my profile drawing)
Then, I will be shortly available on Saturday, and then I'm going down in Bosnia to visit grandma and others, which means I will be either a week or two, depends on the mood.
IMPORTANT:  Around 10th, I won't be able to use Skype on mobile due to internet costs in other countries, but I might appear sometimes on cousin's computer, well you will know.
I might release some more kits if I get time today, but it won't be much this time.

Until next meeting!