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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Updates part.1

Hello everyone,

before I start with the updates, just want to say, have a Merry Christmas everyone!


New parts:

BMW M3 (E36)
- Varis VRS Aero - front/back half-aero

Nissan Fairlady Z Version ST (Z33)
- Top Secret Super G-Force Longnose - added a better diffuser

Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34)
- ABFlug Mure (now with the wing) - front/side/back aero
- ARC Performance Diffuser
- AutoSelect Devil - front half, to use with stock, Impul or Nismo's bumper
- Bee-Racing B34R - front fenders with bumper
- BLITZ Aero Speed - bolt-on full aero, to use with stock bodykit except wing
- BOMEX Aero - front/side/back aero
- Hasemi Motorsports - front/side/back aero, fixed minorities
- Impul GT-R - fixed front bumper, has indicators
- Tommy Kaira R - now includes the digital cluster
- Top Secret Diffuser Pro
- URAS Monkey Magic Type D1 Version 2 - front/side/back aero
- URAS Monkey Magic Type GT - fixed some minorities
- VeilSide C1 - front/side aero

Well folks, that's it for now.
Which means, more coming later.