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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Updates soon, reason in the text.

Hello ebrybody.
Yeah, you are probably thinking, what am I doing here without any updates.

Well, that's a good question.

Here's the reason - school.

Too many shit in the process.
 I had my finals.

My friend Surge complains (not in a bad way) how I didn't put anything up yet from the last time.
 Though, in the meanwhile I made more parts since last update, URAS for R34 I think.
Many more parts.

I am also fixing all parts I released so far.
By fixing I mean, remaking.
I looked at them for a while, and just said, this looks like shit.
So, you could expect new AND updated parts for about a week.

Another thing before I finish this post.
I will start drawing again since I graduated. Woo.
Though I don't know about time needed for each drawing.
It's all about me being interested in it.

Now go take out your calendars and start crossing the days.

See you soon.