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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It must be Christmas. :o

Yeah, about that "until Wednesday"......

I actually meant until this Wednesday that is. oO

So, I bring you new stuff, because you deserved it.

As usual, click on the left side for the car you want parts for.

T&E VERTEX (full aero with a lip wing)

Electra CPS (just the front)

URAS Monkey Magic Type GT (minorities fixed, new diffuser)

Mac Msports - Sports Version (the same aero Naoto Suenaga has on his GC8)

STI Rally Roof Scoop (it's actually an option)

Yeah, not much but, what can I do, I have more than 60 projects...


I almost forgot, I got 2 wheels.

TOM'S Racing (you know this one, except it's heavily updated)

SSR Integral GT2 (Tokyo Drift enhanced rework)