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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Two One

Cool beans!

Did I mention I would return around October?
Well it's a funny way to say March.

But why this day?
Hint is in the post's name.
Also it's Women's Day so yeah happy Women's Day too.


Let's get onto the main deal.

I didn't do much because blame college for taking away my energy and will to do anything, but I barely got to finish something.

Oh yeah before you start freaking out about the color, white body parts on the images are kits you get, since some blend with the body so well you barely notice them.

DOME Under Cowling (ST205)

TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl (JZA80)

So a bit on info about these two.

DOME Under Cowling
Originally took around 2 years as an ultimate aero part which was made to improve the original body, BUT for ST202 Celica (non GT-Four) while this one I "adapted" is what would be but sadly never got to exist for a ST205.
It not only had great effect on top speed increase but fuel consumption as well. Also only one was ever made. Yep, a real unicorn and it took a while to make it because I found only 2-3 images of it.
For those who can read Japanese or somehow translate, there is a part which mentions while it was only made for standard Celica, GT-Four version would come as well like "Skyline" and "Supra" which doesn't further mention which generation.
Truly sick piece of history right there!
Check more here:

TRD 3000GT Racing Aero Cowl
Okay, I admit, I straight took the name from TRD's website because no one really knows how the kit is actually called, mostly it's just "TRD" or "TRD 3000GT".
JGTC Supras had the TRD kit around 1994 and was later then published as the "ultimate" kit for Supra. It was never sold as a complete car (like RUF) but rather a standard Supra with TRD stuff added on.
As for this model, originally it's a heavily (and I mean heavily) fixed Juiced 2 "TRD" kit. Not only it looked wrong, but it also missed the biggest and most important aspect of this sick kit - the widebody.
Also you get these two nice wings which were made entirely from zero.

TRD Type S wing

TRD Type R wing

All these kits are made mostly for the Juiced 2 base because their models are still the most accurate (NFS:Shift's are nearly identical so that works too) out there, but I believe they could be easily adapted to Forza's body.
I could use a Forza base but only if the car is made after Forza 3 since everything before looks just weird and not accurate. Turn 10 if you are reading this, please fix the Forza 1/2 models.
Well I guess I don't have to mention that since I saw people adapting these kits on Forza bodies so it's all kool yo.

Have a nice day, I love you all and have fun with these two ultimate aero kits!