Friday, December 29, 2017

It ends here - or it begins here.

You might have noticed as you read this that there are no more blog posts or downloads.

I know, I can't just appear almost half a year later and just do this.
But I did.

There are multiple reasons for it.

First - it makes no sense anymore.
I am very slow with making models so it just makes no sense appearing every 5 months to make a post about a single wheel. For that time you would expect an entire swarm of models.

Second - stealing issues.
It took me 4 years to figure out why even wasting your time putting stuff for free if barely anyone will honestly appreciate that. Originally my plan for this was to make the largest library of car parts so people could tune their cars with unique parts which couldn't be found anywhere. I never said I made absolutely everything on this blog, but I would write which game did I rip the model from, unless it was entirely new (made by me), so I can't say I'm a saint or a completely innocent person for that matter. That's why I recently entirely started making models and not ripping from games, not even once. For every honest person writing proper credits who made what, you have 10 others who just blatantly take your stuff, also for granted, and it only takes a minute to make you feel like shit. So you can go blame all those stealers for no more free things.

Third - incomes.
I had great plans for this blog, and I still do. But the time is wrong. I am basically done with my college, final project left, and I need money. Specifically for a new computer. If I and You and everyone else wants to see more content, I will need a better computer as well. Not that this current setup is dying, but simply I want to progress, and I can't progress with a basic 5-year old i3, or Radeon HD6770. So to solve this issue, I will set a price on everything I make. Sorry.

So yes I guess that concludes it. I will leave it here as it is

The saga doesn't stop here so don't worry. Keep following my stuff on my Instagram and eventually a Facebook profile which will come later!

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