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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Such oddities

EDIT: Fixed the texture resolution, I'm sure if anyone tried this the game most likely crashed.

So basically I will start with important news.

I am working in 3DS Max for almost a month and I already learned a lot.

To prove this I made a new wheel since everyone who works with 3DS told me making a wheel sure takes just relatively short time, maybe few hours.
Total time: 3 days.
Close to few hours, yeah.

So please understand this wheel might not be as good as my previous ones because of some obvious errors.
Most importantly, do not calculate.
The wheel gets all messed up for some reason and not even welding will help it.

Work Ewing RSα (alpha)
I have no information on this wheel, except the fact it's a part of the Ewing RS series which consists of around 7 wheels, first 4 being named after first 4 greek alphabet letters while last 3 just have "Z"
Example: RS Alpha, RS Beta, RS Gamma, RS Delta, RSZ, RSZ Negative, RSZ-R

Also notice the download images will look similar to this one, the plain ones are dead boring. (I don't like minimalism) 

I almost forgot, I noticed the links to some of the ripped wheels don't work anymore, I will fix this as soon as possible.